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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

We believe in giving children the freedom to explore & express themselves by showing love and respect whilst building self confidence.


Teacher and students

Early childhood education is an important asset for each child.  There is no other time in life when a person learns so much in such a short period of time.  This is a time of discovering, exploring, and learning through hands-on activities. We encourage children to express their emotions by openly accepting and acknowledging them. We recognize that children need confident, empathetic teachers and clear boundaries, but not shaming, distractions, punishments, or time out. We allow children to problem-solve and experience and learn from age-appropriate conflicts with our support. We understand the power of our modeling and recognize that our children are learning from us through our every word and action about love, relationships, empathy, generosity, gratitude, patience, tolerance, kindness, honesty and respect.

Health & Safety

Adventure Learning Child Care diligently follows state health and safety regulations and national guidelines.

We keep handbooks and policies up to date and do regular cleaning and sanitizing of all toys continuously.  Be assured that we childproof all areas accessible to children.

Our kitchen staff stores and prepares food appropriately every day for daily meals.

Rest assured that we secure the facility according to local regulations to keep everyone of our children safe.

Child/Adventure Learning Child Care


Caregiver and Child/Adventure Learning Child Care

At Adventure Learning any form of physical punishment is strictly prohibited.  Teachers and staff will use redirection to attempt to correct any unfavorable behavior from a child.  If a child is continuously disrupting their class, a member will step into the classroom and give the child some one-on-one time.  One-on-one time may be in the classroom or out of the classroom depending on how disruptive the child is being.  We want to do everything in our power not to send a child home.  Parents will be notified of the behavior but will only be called if the child becomes physical (hitting/biting, throwing chairs/toys at other children or teachers, or running out of the classroom/playground).  We practice a "3 strikes" policy stating that if a child is removed from a classroom for safety reasons and sent home three times, the child will be dismissed from the program.  Incident reports will be utilized to document excessive behaviors. 

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